Early Childhood Development Center in Denver

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Who We Are

We are an early intervention center

Specializing in Early Childhood Development and Events for kids.

Our mission is simple but important

We are committed to giving children a happy and bright childhood. After all, happy children grow up to be happy and successful adults. Our mission is our contribution to a great future. In addition to our developmental programs, we offer unforgettable kids’ party experiences. When you order a kids’ party we are offering a free lesson at our center as a gift for your little one. Our team is bilingual, speaking both English and Russian, allowing us to cater to a diverse community. Join us on our journey to make learning fun and engaging for our little ones!


We can make for you


Birthday party

We organize and help you celebrate unforgettable birthday parties for your little ones.


Our events

Join us for our big events we host. We create big, fun and entreating festivals for kids they are created with all love and care for your little ones


Development center

We have group lessons for the kids to support their physical, emotional and cognitive development.


Private lessons

Our therapists provide private lessons for the kids with speech, communication and cognitive challenges.

early childhood development centers

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