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Group lesson

All our classed are based on 5 main components:

Role play - during this activity we are focusing on learning and using new vocabulary during play time.

Sensory play - let’s get messy out of mom's house. We are playing with water, sensory boxes, play-Doh, and other sensory materials that improves fine motor skills.

Smart reading and writing - we are reading the themed book to learn and inspire interest in books.

Art and craft - every kid will bring home a little craft or picture based on theme of the lesson. Stay focus and creative!

Speech and rhythmic - We want our kids to speak not only fully but beautifully. The articulation, rhythmic and voice gymnastics will help us with it.

Every month is new theme to improve vocabulary in both languages, increase critical thinking and creativity.

Group classes schedule:
Mon-Fri 2-3.5 yo 4:30 pm-5:30pm 4-6 yo 6:00pm-7:00 pm

    Private lessons

    Our professionals and help your kids with speech and learning difficulties. We are able to work with kids with special needs, including mispronunciation of the sounds, ASD, ADHD, Down syndrome, emotional challenges, cognitive and communication difficulties, emotional and behavioral challenges.

    We create an individual learning plan for your kid based on your kid’s needs, provide assistance at home and parent training.
    If you trust us we promise we’re going to overcome this together as a family and team.
    We are also offering the consultation regarding early childhood development .
    If you have any questions or concerns, we can answer questions and bring light to your situation with all support and care.

    Private lessons are available: Mon-Fri 9am-3pm

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